Feel Down


It's Okay to at times feel out of control, stressed or anxious. It’s Okay to feel down, sad or upset. It’s Okay to feel angry, let down or confused. It’s okay to be scared, lonely or lost. Because ACCEPTENCE is the first step forward.

Want Change


It's Okay to want CHANGE, to feel good and take control. It’s Okay to want more from life, to feel calm, to engage and seek happiness. It’s okay to invest in yourself, to get better and to plot your own path in life.

Have Counselling


It's Okay to seek help, explore and learn in a safe place. It’s Okay to talk, discuss and challenge. It’s Okay to plan, aspire and move on. It’s Okay to have COUNSELLING.

It's Okay Counselling serves Wrexham, North Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire and provides its clients with a first class service helping people through difficult life challenges and tough times. It’s Okay Counselling places you at the heart of your development providing a safe, nurturing space for you to explore, understand and work through your current issues. Your Counselling may focus on unwanted emotions of anxiety, anger, low mood or depression, maybe to work through trauma, loss, to cope with health issues, eating disorders or possibly it’s to help you function better at work or in relationships. Labelling problems is not that helpful as we are all unique and experience life events differently. Therefore It’s Okay Counselling works with you to work through your difficulties however they may present themselves.

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