Case Studies


Sandra was feeling stressed in work due to a company take-over. She had been feeling stressed and anxious for a considerable time and had started to experience panic attacks. After 6 session Sandra ‘discharged’ herself and having understood the causes of her problems and being able to cope more effectively with them.


Dave had trouble at work with a fellow employee at the same time as experiencing family trouble at home. It was all getting too much and his mood had become low. His wife suggested he went for counselling and after 3 sessions he had gained a new perspective of his situation enabling him to take control of work and life situations. He is no longer in counselling.


Lisa lost her mother who was abusive towards her. She felt angry that she could not resolve this matter and her mood had become low. One year later and Lisa is still receiving support and now she is beginning to regain confidence in herself and take control of the anger she felt toward her mother.


Claire was experiencing severe anxiety affecting here sleep, wellbeing and performance at work. She had previously had CBT which was useful but found she found counselling more personal enabling here to uncover some of the causes to her anxiety. She now sees anxiety as a normal reaction to life events, is more able to cope with them and now experiences the symptoms of anxiety less often. After 8 sessions she is no longer having counselling.

Pseudonyms have been used to protect client confidentiality and aspects of the ‘presenting’ problems have been changed

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